Hi there, and welcome to my first campaign for Pathfinder, Kingmaker. I’m Sean, your friendly local GM who will be running it. Just for sake of clarity, here’s a rundown of my house rules:

1. Rules are as per the books, I do not do homebrews. I feel this helps everyone’s enjoyment as it means that there should be no unbalanced monsters or items running about mucking things up, and everyone will be on an even keel.

2. Character creation method is 4d6, drop lowest. If your scores are abysmal I will allow reroll of all of the stats, or if you don’t wish to press your luck, I can pinch roll for you.

3. Basic rules of respect apply, and if you have to ask if you’re being respectly, likely you’re not.

4. I do not fudge. Not die rolls, stats, HP, damage, nothing. I will not fudge in your favor, nor will I fudge against it. If I somehow miraculously roll up a weapon or item that is really powerful, well then I rolled it up, and you’ll likely face it in combat, but then, after said combat, you’ll have access to those same powers. By that same token though, if you have one hp left, and a lucky crit lands, I’m not down playing the damage, even if it would kill you instantly.

5. I am a great lover of role-playing, meaning that you act as your character would act, even to their detriment at times. That said, “I’m just playing my character” is never a valid defense for your actions. I am not there to hold party unity, that’s the party’s job, and you should keep in mind that whatever character you’re playing, you have to be unconscious around them for about 8 hours a night.

6. In the vein of role-play, I also give awards for background stories and such. They do have to be grammatically correct, however. With the spellcheck function available on every computer, there’s just no excuse for a background to be poorly written. Bonuses include XP, storyline opportunities, even some possible future magic items or quests.